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Buyers of New York – We Give You More Out of Your Valuables!

To get the most out of all your valuables, Buyers of New York is the number one name that you can trust to give you more than the price that you can find anywhere else!

Do you have some jewelry items that you want to sell for a good price?


Would you want to get the best out of your treasured diamond ring?


Are you looking for an easy way to sell your gold accessories?

Then, there is no need for you to search high and low because Buyers of New York is now here to serve as your premier buyer of different valuables, including luxury watches, gold, silver, platinum and so much more! Sell your items with us using our simple process and get paid right away!

Because Your Gold Items Deserve a Golden Price

For the past few years, gold has seen a continuous rise in its value and today more than ever is the perfect time to start selling your stash of gold!

It is not a secret that there are many gold buyers today but many of them will to really give you the right appraisal and pay you for the true price of your time. Buyers of New York is not like these buyers. We know how much you deserve to get out of your gold that is why we have made it easier for you to sell your gold. All you need do visit our midtown office or you can also use our email form. We will then provide you with the price equivalent to your gold item and pay you right away.

At Buyers of New York, we accept all gold items, including coins, bullions, chains, charms, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and just about anything that contains gold. We pay only top dollar for your gold jewelry and as the largest gold buyer in New York, we have been serving the Diamond District for more than 25 years, making us the number one name that people rely on when they want to get the best prices for their gold.

As NYC’s leading buyer of precious metals, you can be sure that you will sell your jewelry to refinery that removes the middlemen, thus giving you more savings along the way.

Get a Good Price for Your Glittery Silver

Aside from gold, silver items are also getting more value than what you think and here at Buyers of New York, you can trust us to give you the a great price for your silver, including silver jewelry, silver bullion, silver flatware, silver coins and so much more! Here in NYC, we pay the highest cash for your silver and all you need to do request for a quote. It’s about time that you get something out of the silver items that you have probably forgotten about. Cash them out and we will be more than happy to pay you back for everything that you sell with us. Being a direct refiner, every precious metal that we buy is being melted and this is the very reason why we never have any second thoughts in paying a good price to all our sellers.

It’s a win-win situation and we hope to seal a good silver deal with you soon!

Great Cash for Your Luxury Watches

Do you have a luxury watch that you are no longer using? Or perhaps you need cash right away for some reason? Whatever it is, we at Buyers of New York will save you from all the hassles of going through the long process of selling your luxury timepieces. No other place will pay you for your watch in the same way that we do and this is not just a promise, we stay true to our words.

The brands that are of great interest to us include Rolex, Angelus, Panerai, Bell & Ross Baume et Mercier, Longines, Bucherer, Breitling, Bueche Girod, LeCoultre, Bvlgari, Daniel Roth, Franck Muller, Favre-Leuba, Glashütte, Hublot, Gubelin, IWC, Breguet, Cartier, Omega, Agassiz, Oyster, Patek, Philippe, Ditisheim, Paul, Piaget, Tag Heuer, SA A Lange & Sohne, Tissot, Tiffany & Co., Tudor, Genéve Van Cleef & Arpels Wakmann Zenith Nardin, Ulysse, Universal, , and many others. We also buy the latest Apple Watch for a good price!

Call us today and don’t waste any second!

Sell Your Sparkling Diamonds Today

From diamond engagement rings, to diamond necklaces, rare diamonds, large diamonds and other forms of diamonds, Buyers of New York has become the most reliable buyer of diamond items, old and new alike. We know every corner of diamonds in the same way that we know every feature on our face and this is what makes us different from other diamond buyers out there. We treat your diamond with the same level of care that you have given them and we will pay you top cash for it. Red, blue, yellow, brown and violet diamonds are all accepted and you will never have to worry a bit because we give you exactly what you expect from us.

Platinum Selling is the Latest Trend

Not many people know it but here at Buyers of New York, we acknowledge the great potential of platinum to become among the most priced precious metals today. A proof of this is the significant increase in the demand for platinum and this is why today is the best time for you to start making money out of your platinum jewelry or platinum scrap that you have stored somewhere. As among the priciest metals today, thanks to their quality and durability, it will not be a big surprise if platinum will soon sit next to gold and silver as far as value is concerned. Buyer of New York is a proud refiner and you cannot find anything like us in NYC because we pay top dollar for your platinum valuables.

So, whether you have platinum, luxury watches, diamond, silver or gold that you want to make the most of, make sure that you contact Buyers of New York to get your valuables appraised right away and get your cash right away!


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