4 Engagement Ring Styles Trending in 2019

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There are so many engagement ring options out there that you might find it overwhelming. However if you know your partner wants something modern and fashionable, here are some of the top trends in engagement rings for 2019. 

  1.  Unique halos – rings with halo settings feature a center stone encircled by other stones typically in a rectangle or circle. However there is a modern trend of floral, geometric or lacy halos which is a unique way for your engagement ring to stand out.
  2. Fancy cut diamonds –  these diamonds are cut into any shape other than round. For example, marquise, oval, or pear-cut diamonds. Having an engagement ring in an irregular shape can make the ring have,“an eye-catching, glamorous look that feels a little unexpected”
  3. Multiple stones –classic styles like three-stone diamond rings as well as more modern styles like diamond studded bands are really popular right now. However, multiple stones allow you to be creative with your ring by having the freedom to combine different diamonds of varying shapes and sizes. 
  4. Yellow gold – is a timeless option that is also trending right now. It provides a warm, classic and vintage-inspired feel to your engagement ring. 

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