What you need to know to pick a Luxury Watch

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A watch is as a special accessory unlike any other piece of luxury jewelry. Since you wear them everyday they become a window into your personality for everyone to see. Because of this it is important that you know the basic aspects of a watch in order to purchase one that resonates with your personality, lifestyle and taste. 

Here are a few important tips to pick the best watch that matches you!

Choose your style

When choosing the style of your watch you want to stay true to your style. You want to pick a design that fits with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Try to stay away from fads because you could end up with a watch that is too big or too small for your wrist. Here are some styles that you should look into. 

Classic Watches – these watches have a plain and thin case, unassuming bezel, gold material, and bold markings. It’s a timeless piece and is good for every occasion from formal work days to casual dinners as well as parties. Its the perfect watch to start your collection with. 

Dress Watches – these watches are no longer only for special occasions. You can now wear them all the time but as long as you have an attitude to match. 

Sports Watches – These watches are usually large in size with prominent markings on the bezel. They are water resistant and nearly always have thick luminous hands and markings. An ideal choice for those who are fans of all things sporty and love the outdoors. However, a lot of these watches are made with a certain sport in mind and have features to match. Make sure you do your research and pick one based on your sporting requirement! 

Pick your brand 

Many of the watch industries top brands have unique and long histories devoted to quality in their watches. Make sure you research the brands so that you can find a brand that you align with and relate to. 

For example, if you’re a diver then you may want to study the long history that Rolex has had with deep-sea exploration. Omega has always been the official timekeeper for the Olympic games. On the other hand, Breguet crafted one of the oldest watches in the history of timekeeping with celebrated clients like Louis XVI, his queen Marie-Antoinette and the queen of Naples. 

A movement that suits you

The movement is the ‘calibre’ or also known as the engine of the watch. It is the internal mechanism that makes the movement of the hands and powers complications such as chronograph, annual calendar etc. There are 2 main categories of calibre

Quartz – These watches are battery powered and are usually lower on the cost side as they have few moving parts. Easy to maintain, this is an extremely reliable movement that loses only a few seconds every month. It is not as popular among watch enthusiasts but is perfect for people who want convenience, affordability and fewer time adjustments. 

Mechanical – These watches have a mainspring that has to be wound to store energy. When the spring unwinds it releases the energy that moves the gears of the timepiece. These movements aren’t as accurate as quartz. there are also two types of mechanical movements – automatic and manual. Manual is for the traditionalists that want to wind the watches themselves. However, automatic are more popular since they are self-winding and harness energy through the natural motion of your wrist

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