Trending Gemstones in 2019

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Gemstones stay in style a lot longer in fashion than most other trends because of the luxury of jewelry. However every year a few gemstones get featured more than others based on the trends of that year. For example, last year because of Pantone color of the year ,‘UltraViolet’ , gems like amethysts took central stage. 

This year the color of the year according to the Pantone Color Institute is living coral’. Here are some of the gemstones that might be heavily featured this year because of it.


Opals are a really interesting gemstone since they come in a variety of colors. Because of the structure of an opal which is made up of a variety of little spheres, the opal is able to be so many different colors. Common opals tend to be milky with a bluish or greenish appearance. The rarest opal is the black opal which has a completely black background.

This gemstone has always been popular for its interesting blend of colors. It started to spike in popularity at the end of 2017 and all of 2018. It has maintained popularity in 2019 as well is in high demand since they are pretty rare. With‘LivingCoral’ being the chosen color this year, pink opals could be getting a large emphasis because of their hue. 


Ever since Meghan Markle wore an aquamarine ring during the Royal wedding in 2018 as her‘somethingblue’, Aquamarine has skyrocketed in popularity. This doesn’t seem to be changing for 2019.  Aquamarine rings have been all over social media since the wedding. 

Padparadscha Sapphires

This Sapphire shares similar colors with the Pantone Color of the year. This rare sapphire has a gorgeous pinkish-orange tone which gives it its name Padparadscha, translated from Singhalese it means‘lotusblossom’.  These are extremely rare as natural gemstones but there is a way to artificially treat other pink sapphires to get a similar color. 

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