Rolex: A Bubble Or An Asset?

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Everybody knows you can’t just walk into a Rolex store and come out with a new Rolex watch nowadays. There is always a long waitlist. The lack of supply for new Rolex in the official store helps to boost the price of pre-owned Rolex in the second-hand market.

At the moment we are talking, the price for a pre-owned Rolex Daytona Oysterflex is selling for $54850 on Hodinkee, an influential e-commerce website for new and vintage wristwatches. Earlier this month, the same model had a higher price.

The retailer price for Rolex boosts up during the pandemic because of the scarcity and delayed supply. The pandemic helps to increase Rolex prices because individuals can not travel or do other outdoor entertainments: they are more willing to do some online shopping and invest in Rolex instead. 

Rolex has made itself a successful brand and here are some reasons for Rolex to succeed: 

1. Their Products(watches): 

  • Product quality: There is a reason for Rolex to be one of the most famous luxury watches in the world, and the baseline is definitely its quality. Its extremely high product quality and stability in quality are the essential key for Rolex to succeed. 

  • Design and recognition: Everything a watch needs can be found in Rolex. Automatic winding, water-resistant case, and chronometer certificate, together with the date window, has all the essentials of a watch. Rolex has one of the most fine, complicated craftsmanship in favor of having the best all-around watch for daily wear.

2. Branding, Marketing, and Advertising:

  • Brand reputation: Rolex is obviously one of the most recognizable watches among the world’s luxury watch brands. It has two target consumer groups: those who know a lot, and those who know very little. Even for the consumers that do not know much about watches, know that Rolex is the best.

  • Marketing strategy: Besides regular marketing strategy, Rolex is collaborating with various sports and have been sponsors for competitions in tennis, golf, car race, and sailing. The consistent exposure helps to keep its reputation and fame in order to stabilize its prices.

  • Stabilized prices: The moment you buy a car, it drops in value. This fact is true for a lot of watches, except for Rolex. Regardless of the reasons you buy a Rolex, you can always sell it and the price won’t be lower, especially for gold Oyster models. Sporty Rolex models on stainless steel are popular as well and their prices are also stable. The price stability of used but still relatively new watches depends in great part on the high prices achieved regularly by older Rolex watches at auction. The most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction is a Rolex Daytoa sold for $15.5 million.

Trending Gemstones in 2019

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Gemstones stay in style a lot longer in fashion than most other trends because of the luxury of jewelry. However every year a few gemstones get featured more than others based on the trends of that year. For example, last year because of Pantone color of the year ,‘UltraViolet’ , gems like amethysts took central stage. 

This year the color of the year according to the Pantone Color Institute is living coral’. Here are some of the gemstones that might be heavily featured this year because of it.


Opals are a really interesting gemstone since they come in a variety of colors. Because of the structure of an opal which is made up of a variety of little spheres, the opal is able to be so many different colors. Common opals tend to be milky with a bluish or greenish appearance. The rarest opal is the black opal which has a completely black background.

This gemstone has always been popular for its interesting blend of colors. It started to spike in popularity at the end of 2017 and all of 2018. It has maintained popularity in 2019 as well is in high demand since they are pretty rare. With‘LivingCoral’ being the chosen color this year, pink opals could be getting a large emphasis because of their hue. 


Ever since Meghan Markle wore an aquamarine ring during the Royal wedding in 2018 as her‘somethingblue’, Aquamarine has skyrocketed in popularity. This doesn’t seem to be changing for 2019.  Aquamarine rings have been all over social media since the wedding. 

Padparadscha Sapphires

This Sapphire shares similar colors with the Pantone Color of the year. This rare sapphire has a gorgeous pinkish-orange tone which gives it its name Padparadscha, translated from Singhalese it means‘lotusblossom’.  These are extremely rare as natural gemstones but there is a way to artificially treat other pink sapphires to get a similar color. 

What you need to know to pick a Luxury Watch

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A watch is as a special accessory unlike any other piece of luxury jewelry. Since you wear them everyday they become a window into your personality for everyone to see. Because of this it is important that you know the basic aspects of a watch in order to purchase one that resonates with your personality, lifestyle and taste. 

Here are a few important tips to pick the best watch that matches you!

Choose your style

When choosing the style of your watch you want to stay true to your style. You want to pick a design that fits with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Try to stay away from fads because you could end up with a watch that is too big or too small for your wrist. Here are some styles that you should look into. 

Classic Watches – these watches have a plain and thin case, unassuming bezel, gold material, and bold markings. It’s a timeless piece and is good for every occasion from formal work days to casual dinners as well as parties. Its the perfect watch to start your collection with. 

Dress Watches – these watches are no longer only for special occasions. You can now wear them all the time but as long as you have an attitude to match. 

Sports Watches – These watches are usually large in size with prominent markings on the bezel. They are water resistant and nearly always have thick luminous hands and markings. An ideal choice for those who are fans of all things sporty and love the outdoors. However, a lot of these watches are made with a certain sport in mind and have features to match. Make sure you do your research and pick one based on your sporting requirement! 

Pick your brand 

Many of the watch industries top brands have unique and long histories devoted to quality in their watches. Make sure you research the brands so that you can find a brand that you align with and relate to. 

For example, if you’re a diver then you may want to study the long history that Rolex has had with deep-sea exploration. Omega has always been the official timekeeper for the Olympic games. On the other hand, Breguet crafted one of the oldest watches in the history of timekeeping with celebrated clients like Louis XVI, his queen Marie-Antoinette and the queen of Naples. 

A movement that suits you

The movement is the ‘calibre’ or also known as the engine of the watch. It is the internal mechanism that makes the movement of the hands and powers complications such as chronograph, annual calendar etc. There are 2 main categories of calibre

Quartz – These watches are battery powered and are usually lower on the cost side as they have few moving parts. Easy to maintain, this is an extremely reliable movement that loses only a few seconds every month. It is not as popular among watch enthusiasts but is perfect for people who want convenience, affordability and fewer time adjustments. 

Mechanical – These watches have a mainspring that has to be wound to store energy. When the spring unwinds it releases the energy that moves the gears of the timepiece. These movements aren’t as accurate as quartz. there are also two types of mechanical movements – automatic and manual. Manual is for the traditionalists that want to wind the watches themselves. However, automatic are more popular since they are self-winding and harness energy through the natural motion of your wrist

4 Engagement Ring Styles Trending in 2019

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There are so many engagement ring options out there that you might find it overwhelming. However if you know your partner wants something modern and fashionable, here are some of the top trends in engagement rings for 2019. 

  1.  Unique halos – rings with halo settings feature a center stone encircled by other stones typically in a rectangle or circle. However there is a modern trend of floral, geometric or lacy halos which is a unique way for your engagement ring to stand out.
  2. Fancy cut diamonds –  these diamonds are cut into any shape other than round. For example, marquise, oval, or pear-cut diamonds. Having an engagement ring in an irregular shape can make the ring have,“an eye-catching, glamorous look that feels a little unexpected”
  3. Multiple stones –classic styles like three-stone diamond rings as well as more modern styles like diamond studded bands are really popular right now. However, multiple stones allow you to be creative with your ring by having the freedom to combine different diamonds of varying shapes and sizes. 
  4. Yellow gold – is a timeless option that is also trending right now. It provides a warm, classic and vintage-inspired feel to your engagement ring. 

What you need to know about Fancy Color Diamonds

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Normal Diamonds are on a scale from colorless through light-yellow and are described using the D-Z scale by professionals in the industry. If your diamond is yellow or brown and is above the Z scale or is a different color face up then you have a fancy color diamond.  These diamonds can come in any color but the most important ones are blue, green, pink and red. 

The value of Fancy Diamonds increases with the purity and strength of the color.  Most fancy colored diamonds are more muted since that is more natural. 

Natural color fancy diamonds.

The most rare are red, green, purple and orange. Then it is pink and blue. Yellow and Brown are the most common of the fancy diamonds. 

Blacks, grey and white diamonds are also considered fancy diamonds and will often be made into gems. 

It is important to know if you have a fancy color diamond or not but that doesn’t mean that you should expect a spectacularly high price for it. Depending on the color as well as the normal attributes of the diamond, like cut and clarity, that will affect the price for the diamond. At Buyers of New York we will make sure you get a fair price based on the fancy diamond that you possess. 

How To clean Your Jewelry Properly

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Taking the steps to making sure your jewelry stays clean and looking fresh is crucial. If you leave your jewelry in your drawer collecting dust, wear your jewelry everyday, etc, its bound for your jewelry to look discolored. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to properly clean your jewelry.  

Diamonds The best way to clean your diamonds is by using some water, dish soap and a tooth brush. Diamonds are considerably naturally the greasiest, but they sill need to be handled with care. they should be cleaned as frequently as once to twice a week. Place your diamonds in a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap and let it soak for about 20 or more minutes. After you remove the diamonds, gently use a toothbrush or soft brush to get rid of any remaining dirt. To prevent your diamonds from looking faded so fast, don’t put on thick lotions, don’t bang it into anything, and remove when cooking or cleaning. You can also get it checked out by a professional. 

Gold Similar to cleaning your diamonds, you want fill a bowl wth 2 cups of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Let your gold soak for about 15 minutes or so. When removed, use a toothbrush or soft brush to clean any dirt left behind. Some tips on keeping your jewelry looking good is to keep it locked in a Ziploc bag or a velvet bag. When exposed to moisture or the sun, your jewelry can tarnish.  You can also use some 3M anti-tarnish strips. This sucks out any air and moisture to ensure your jewelry is superior. 

Financial Problems Be Gone. Gold Saves The Day.

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Now and days, rent is extremely high which could put you into some financial trouble. As a result, you have to pay up but come up short. If you have gold jewelry, coins, medallions, etc. that you don’t use anymore, sell it. But before you sell your gold, make sure that you have all your information in order. Here are some things to  to keep in mind when selling  your gold item(s).

  • Weight matters

The more that your gold weighs in karats, the more you will get for it. For example, you are more likely to receive a greater amount of money for a item that is 24k rather than 8k. 24k is 99.9% pure gold where as 8k is only 33.3%. A licensed gold expert is the best choice to turn to. Have them weigh your items as they will provide you more accurate estimate. 

Image result for gold weight and price chart
  • Where to sell. 

Prior to selling make sure where you’re selling is legit.  At Buyers Of New York, we do our best to keep our customers satisfied. We work with our customers to come up wth a fair price. Don’t believe us? Check our reviews. Without proper research, you’re likely to get scammed out an abundant amount of money. 

  • Sell even if broken.

Even if one of the items you are selling is missing something, broken or damaged in any way, sell it anyways. If you go fix it on your own, you’ll end up spending more money for the repair than the actual item itself. Gold itself is valuable either way. 

  • Scrap Value.

Scrap value means your item will be melted down by the buyer and sold to someone else. It will then be turned into something else such as jewelry or coins. You get paid based upon per ounce your gold is worth. 

Image result for scrap value gold