How To clean Your Jewelry Properly

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Taking the steps to making sure your jewelry stays clean and looking fresh is crucial. If you leave your jewelry in your drawer collecting dust, wear your jewelry everyday, etc, its bound for your jewelry to look discolored. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to properly clean your jewelry.  

Diamonds The best way to clean your diamonds is by using some water, dish soap and a tooth brush. Diamonds are considerably naturally the greasiest, but they sill need to be handled with care. they should be cleaned as frequently as once to twice a week. Place your diamonds in a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap and let it soak for about 20 or more minutes. After you remove the diamonds, gently use a toothbrush or soft brush to get rid of any remaining dirt. To prevent your diamonds from looking faded so fast, don’t put on thick lotions, don’t bang it into anything, and remove when cooking or cleaning. You can also get it checked out by a professional. 

Gold Similar to cleaning your diamonds, you want fill a bowl wth 2 cups of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Let your gold soak for about 15 minutes or so. When removed, use a toothbrush or soft brush to clean any dirt left behind. Some tips on keeping your jewelry looking good is to keep it locked in a Ziploc bag or a velvet bag. When exposed to moisture or the sun, your jewelry can tarnish.  You can also use some 3M anti-tarnish strips. This sucks out any air and moisture to ensure your jewelry is superior. 

Financial Problems Be Gone. Gold Saves The Day.

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Now and days, rent is extremely high which could put you into some financial trouble. As a result, you have to pay up but come up short. If you have gold jewelry, coins, medallions, etc. that you don’t use anymore, sell it. But before you sell your gold, make sure that you have all your information in order. Here are some things to  to keep in mind when selling  your gold item(s).

  • Weight matters

The more that your gold weighs in karats, the more you will get for it. For example, you are more likely to receive a greater amount of money for a item that is 24k rather than 8k. 24k is 99.9% pure gold where as 8k is only 33.3%. A licensed gold expert is the best choice to turn to. Have them weigh your items as they will provide you more accurate estimate. 

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  • Where to sell. 

Prior to selling make sure where you’re selling is legit.  At Buyers Of New York, we do our best to keep our customers satisfied. We work with our customers to come up wth a fair price. Don’t believe us? Check our reviews. Without proper research, you’re likely to get scammed out an abundant amount of money. 

  • Sell even if broken.

Even if one of the items you are selling is missing something, broken or damaged in any way, sell it anyways. If you go fix it on your own, you’ll end up spending more money for the repair than the actual item itself. Gold itself is valuable either way. 

  • Scrap Value.

Scrap value means your item will be melted down by the buyer and sold to someone else. It will then be turned into something else such as jewelry or coins. You get paid based upon per ounce your gold is worth. 

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The Latest Jewelry Trends Of 2019

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Jewelry can help you make a statement. It allows you to be who you want to be by expressing yourself through your own personal style.

Whats In:

  1. Layering – Layering necklaces, bracelets and even ear piercings are in this spring. From gold to gold chains or even big chunky ones, layering creates contrast. Layering can create a sense of new self identity, to be open minded, imaginative, to get in touch with your inner artistic side.
  2. Colorful Jewelry – Color creates pop and playfulness in you everyday lifestyle. It can give you a confidence boost. 
  3. Pearls – Pearls have made a big comeback in the fashion world. It’s sophisticated yet girly. It perfectly ties together an outfit. 
  4. Charms – Charms offer personality in each and every individual piece. It can mark milestones and is nostalgic. Charms are endless.

What You Need To Know Before Selling Your Diamonds

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Are you in a rush to get rid of those old diamond earrings? What about that diamond necklace and bracelet? Before you jump right into selling, you should be educated on exactly what you’re selling. Some things you need to know is the 4 C’s, who you’re selling to, GIA report, etc. 

  1. The 4 C’s

  If you don’t know what the 4 C’s are, it stands for carat, cut, clarity and color. Carats are used for measuring the weight of stones, gems, etc. The larger the carat size, the more costly the weight will be. The clearer your diamond is ( D color) , the more money you can make off of it when you sell it. A SI1 clarity diamond is more of a desirable diamond. The cut size of your diamonds also affects the amount the diamond is worth. For example, a rounder cut will be more expensive than a emerald or princess cut.

2. Know who you’re selling to

 It is incredibly important to know who you are selling your precious gems to, otherwise you will get ripped off of your money. Not all diamond buyers are reliable. Local pawn shops may seem easy and the way to go, but it’s not always the smartest choice. In fact, you’ll lose more money than gain. You should always do research on the buyers you’re selling to. Check their websites, customer reviews, etc. 

3. GIA Report

It is advisable to sell your diamonds to someone who has a GIA certificate. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. Being certified means to evaluate diamond quality, the 4 C’s and the diamond grading system.

These are the key components you need to have down packed before selling your diamonds. If you follow these steps then you are on the road to success in getting back that cash you are justified to.

Here’s Why You Should Sell Us Your Tiffany Jewelry

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At Buyers Of New York, we buy the goods that’s in your drawer collecting dust at a fair price. We buy a range of silver, gold, diamond jewelry, certified diamonds, watches, coins and more specifically Tiffany.

Tiffany and Co. has been around for over 182 years! They are a luxurious and well respected brand. They’re well known for their sterling silver and diamonds. If you feel like you need to sell your opulence jewelry, we’ll buy it from you and handle it with great care while we get you your money back at a fair price. We pay more for the brand name.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should sell your Tiffany items to us. 

1. We’re a family business!

We have been around for more than 30 years, so we know what it’s like to have to provide for your family. We understand the struggles some may go through when it comes to money problems. We assure you in letting go items and getting back the money that you truly deserve. 

2. Our staff is the best!

Usually, our competitors don’t have certified and licensed gemologists – but we do. Yes, you can go to your local pawn shop – and get the lowest, bottom price – or you can come to us and get what you merit. We like to make our customers feel safe and comfortable so that they don’t feel cheated out of their money. 

3. We offer loans ! 

If you are in a money crunch or want to keep your item, then we will help you earn some money if you repay our low interest and flexible terms. After a few months you can get your item back or pawn it again. We lend a range of $100-$1,000,000. 

Don’t take our word for it? Go to our website and see the glowing reviews our customers have given us. You could also come into our shop on 30 W. 47th St. if you feel like you want to let go of your items. You can contact us by calling (212)-642-4345 or emailing us at,

Selling Your Rolex? Say No More.

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For years, Rolex has been labeled as one of the most expensive watches. Many have branded this watch as a way of feeling rich and cool. Recently, Rolex came out with the limited edition solid gold skeleton- dial Daytona also known as,” La Montoya.” This the product of the collaboration of Juan Pablo Montoya and Swiss watchmaker Artisans De Geneve. This one of a kind watch – only 42 made – took 2 years to make with improvements such as the rotor being completely manufactured in 21 carat gold and the original backing being replaced with a transparent sapphire backing. 

The price of this watch might break your heart though. It is 62 260,00 EUR; 71,453.62 USD. If you own a Rolex watch and you regret buying it, sell it through Buyers of New York. We provide loyalty and trust in selling valuables at fair rates. For more information, please visit or call us at (212)-642-4345.

Why You Need to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring (for the Ex-Fiancees)

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Your diamond engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous. The ring might have barely any inclusions or color to it and it glosses all over. Because of how you got this ring, it may not make it easy to dispose of either. But if you plan to leave your ex in the past (especially one that was so close to being your life mate), then you need to get rid of the very thing that probably connects you to that person the most. Plus, how do you think a possible future boo would feel about you still holding onto that ring? And you definitely won’t pass the ring down to one of your children or to a family member.

Buyers of New York is a dependable jewelry buying company that can be trusted with your diamond engagement ring. As we say on our website, we accurately buy items of the value they are worth and pay reasonable rates for them. Our customer reviews prove our loyalty to our customers and integrity. You can go to the “Contact” page on our main site to get a free quote or contact us by calling (212)-642-4345 or email us at