Why You Need to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring (for the Ex-Fiancees)

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Your diamond engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous. The ring might have barely any inclusions or color to it and it glosses all over. Because of how you got this ring, it may not make it easy to dispose of either. But if you plan to leave your ex in the past (especially one that was so close to being your life mate), then you need to get rid of the very thing that probably connects you to that person the most. Plus, how do you think a possible future boo would feel about you still holding onto that ring? And you definitely won’t pass the ring down to one of your children or to a family member.

Buyers of New York is a dependable jewelry buying company that can be trusted with your diamond engagement ring. As we say on our website, we accurately buy items of the value they are worth and pay reasonable rates for them. Our customer reviews prove our loyalty to our customers and integrity. You can go to the “Contact” page on our main site to get a free quote or contact us by calling (212)-642-4345 or email us at buyersofnewyork@gmail.com. 

Serena Williams’ Love for Audemars Piguet Watches

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Serena Williams is considered by many one of – if not the best – professional tennis players in the world. In 1999, she won her first major championship (“Serena Williams Biography”), and she has won 39 Grand Slam titles (Cerini, 2017). Her sister, Venus Williams, is also an excellent professional tennis player, and in 2017 Serena beat Venus at the Australian Open (“Serena Williams Bio”). Late 2017, Williams gave birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. and married Ohanian Jr.’s father, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in November (Dowd, Hahn, 2017).

Besides being known for her awesome tennis playing skills, Williams is a lover of Audemars Piguet Watches. Here are some facts about her association with the popular watch brand:

-Williams became a brand ambassador for Audermas in 2014 (Royce-Greensill, 2017). When asked in a 2017 Hong Kong Tatler interview why she decided to work with Audemars Piguet, she stated, “I am inspired by people who take pride in their work and Audemars Piguet’s watchmakers certainly do. We first met at Art Basel in Miami Beach a couple of years ago. I already knew the brand and it was great to be able to discover more of it at the fair, meeting the watchmakers and understanding where they come from, the brand values, and the hard work they put into creating their pieces” (Cerini, 2017).

^ This is Audemars Piguet’s “If” video starring Williams.

-In 2016, Williams attended a beach party in Miami, Florida that was hosted by Audemars Piguet. One of the purposes of the party was to present the Reconstruction of the Universe project by artist Sun Xun. According to Vogue, at the party, Williams claimed that Audemars matched her “athletic-but-dressy tastes,” stating, “If you look at me, I am sporty, but I like to clean up and dress up.” (Remsen, 2016)

-At the 2017 New York Met Gala, Williams was seen at the event with her then-fiancée Alexis Ohanian rocking the Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage. The watch has 65 carats of diamonds on spikes that are sticking out from the watch, and the watch-face is hidden under one of the spikes. (Royce-Greensill, 2017)

At Buyers of New York, we love to buy Audemars Piguet Watches. Sell us your Audemars Piguet Watches, and we will give you as much money back as possible for its value. If you would like to do business with us or have any questions or concerns, visit us at our location at 30 West 47th St. Suite 8006, New York, NY 10036, call us at 212-642-4345, or email us at buyersofnewyork@gmail.com.

Five Simple Steps to Clean Your Rolex Watch

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While Rolex watches fall into a luxury category and don’t require much effort on the owner’s part, it’s still a good idea to keep the appearance of your watch clean. By reading this how-to guide you will discover various steps that will help to keep your luxury piece clean.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. In order to begin the process, you should check the crown and make sure it is tightly screwed to the case.
  2. For the second step, you will need a medium-sized bowl and mix ammonia-free soap with lukewarm water.
  3. You should then use your hands to apply the soapy water to your watch.
  4. Use a soft bristle tool brush to clean all surfaces by gently scrubbing.
  5. In order to dry your watch use a soft cotton cloth.

Important Tips & Warning When Cleaning Your Watch

  1. Don’t attempt to polish your watch.
  2. If you see any sign of water or condensation under the crystal, take your watch in for repair immediately.

Finally, to ensure optimal performance of your luxury piece it is important to get your Rolex serviced every 5 years from a certified Rolex dealer. It is also important to wind the watch at least once every 48 hours. If you let your watch “die,” lubricants within the watch can harden, causing damage when the watch is in motion again.

Keep in mind that by maintaining the appearance of your Rolex watch clean, you can ensure the long-lasting value of the luxury piece. If you ever decide to sell your luxury watch make sure to follow these five steps in order to guarantee the best price possible.

Diamond Prices Expected to Rise in 2018

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According to diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, we can expect the prices of diamonds to increase this year. The prices for rough diamonds in 2017 went up 2.7%, while polished diamonds went down 3.5%, according to Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics.

“Mining companies tend to have leverage on diamond prices, so if their cost to produce the diamond stays the same, but the actual price they’re selling their diamond goes up, that increases their operating margin and it’s good for their business,” says Zimnisky. “If prices are higher it should help all of the mines, assuming they don’t have specific operational setbacks, so that should lead to higher revenue, higher profits and an increase in tax revenue;” this is good new for the mines in the Northwest Territories.

The Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine, located on the Canadian tundra in the Northwest Territories, is one that he expects to see increased revenue because it will be able to access higher quality diamonds deeper into the ground. He says, although they have fewer diamonds, they have a higher quality, which will be worth more.

The reason diamond prices are on the rise is due to the expected global economic growth in 2018; diamond growth is highly correlated to economic growth. The U.S. and China, being the biggest consumers for diamonds in the world, with half the demand coming from the U.S. and 20% from China, is what really will impact the diamond industry.

Average diamond selling price

With the diamond industry being so competitive because of specific brands, Zimnisky says the best thing companies can do to market diamonds and create a general interest is to through generic marketing campaigns. “Branding and marketing is very important with luxury items.”

According to Statista.com, in 1960, the average price for such a diamond stood at some 2,700 U.S. dollars. Since then, the diamond price has increased more than tenfold, to 29,650 U.S. dollars in 2015, about 14% each year.

Cartier Santos Watches Introduce Innovative Bracelet System

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In 2018, Cartier unveiled its most influential collection inspired by the partnership between the famous Brazilian engineer Alberto Santos-Dumont and the brand. The Santos de Cartier Collection offers a vast variety of designs to choose from- a two-tone steel and gold set, rose-gold set, and steel set. Each case measures in at 39.8 mm with a 9 mm thickness, which creates an ultimate design for an ideal dress watch. There are two variations to the Santos de Cartier. The first is a more traditional variation that utilizes Cartier’s 1847-MC caliber, while the second is more skeletonized,  and utilizes Cartier’s 9611-MC caliber. All watches are water-resistant to 100 meters and feature sapphire crystals on the side.

The most important and innovative feature of this new collection is the strap and bracelet options, with the “QuickSwitch” and “SmartLink” technology.  The “QuickSwitch” system enables the wearer to quickly replace and remove each bracelet and strap by simply pressing a hidden button. While the “SmartLink” system allows for a wearer to adjust the size of the bracelet without using any tools. Overall, the new updated technology that Cartier uses in their Santos de Cartier Collection brings more modern and innovative touch to their old-fashioned watch design.

Understanding your Diamonds: The 4 C’s

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Diamonds come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. So, how do you know how much your diamond is worth? The answer is knowing the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) are the factors that influence the quality grading of a diamond. The value of the diamond can change significantly even with a slight difference in any of the 4 characteristics.

Diamonds come in different colors, but the colorless ones are the most expensive and more valuable. Colors are categorized by the alphabet letters color scale, D to Z, with D being colorless and Z having light yellow to brown color. Do you know where your diamond lies on the color scale? Match your diamond color here.

The cut of a diamond is the proportion, symmetry, and polish of the diamond, rather than its physical shape. The cut is determined by three optical factors: brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Brilliance is the brightness of how white light reflects on the diamond surface and internal structure. Fire is the flashes of color on the visible spectrum. Scintillation is the light and dark pattern that the diamond creates. The scale of a diamond’s cut is categorized from excellent to poor. Check the different cut quality here.

There are two factors to look at when considering the clarity of a diamond: the inclusion and blemish. Inclusion is the internal flaws in the diamond and blemishes are the external marks on a diamond. A valuable diamond lacks both of these features. Every diamond differs from one to another, which means no two diamonds will have the same inclusion and/or blemishes. These flaws can only be seen under 10x magnifying devices. Clarity is categorized into 6 types (Flawless, Internal Flawless, Very Very Slightly Included, Very Slightly Included, Slightly Included, and Included). Can you see the flaws in these diamonds?

Carat (c.t.) is the universal metric unit of the weight of a diamond. One carat is 0.2 grams and is about the weight of a paper clip. The carat scale is measured out of 100 points, meaning if it the diamond gets 25 points on the carat scale the diamond weighs 0.25 carats. The greater the carat, the more valuable the diamond is. However, it also means the bigger the diamond is there are chances for more flaws, such as color, in the diamond.


Helping Others By Selling Your Designer Jewelry

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Everyone wants designer brands. It does not matter what gender, age or race you are. Some people may be able to afford brand jewelry when it is first released, or that limited edition design, but others may not be able to. Some people may have to save up for a long time to buy designer jewelry. Sometimes, you forget you have a designer item sitting at home, collecting dust. You may not wear that outdated jewelry, but someone may want the jewelry for its design or a limited edition to collect. There is always a market for outdated branded jewelry. Here, we can buy outdated jewelry and resell them to buyers who wish to own this item for a lower price or who can not afford the item in flagship stores. Check out the list of designer brands we buy here.

Do you have an outdated piece of jewelry that was passed down from your grandparents, but don’t wear it anymore because it’s not the modern trend? Why not make money from it? Some people collect antiques as a hobby. You can help these people by selling us your antique jewelry. Maybe we can find a better home for these pieces.