Understanding your Diamonds: The 4C’s.

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Diamonds comes in different shapes, color and size. So how do you know how much your diamond worth? The answer is knowing the 4Cs. The 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) are the factors that influence the quality grading of a diamond. The value of the diamond can change significantly even with a slight difference in any of the 4 characteristics.

Diamonds comes in different colors, but the colorless ones are the most expensive and more valuable. Colors are categorized by the alphabet letters color scale, D to Z, where D being colorless and Z having light yellow to brown color. Do you know where does your diamond lies on the color scale? Match your diamond color here.

The cut of a diamond is refer as the proportion, symmetry and polish of the diamond, rather than its physical shape. The cut is determined for three optical factors, brilliance, fire and scintillation. Brilliance is the brightness of how white light reflect on diamond surface and internal structure. Fire is the flashes of color on the visible spectrum. Scintillation is the light and dark pattern that the diamond creates. The scale of a diamond’s cut categorized from Excellent to Poor. Check the different cut quality here.

There are two factors, inclusion and blemish to look at when considering the clarity of a diamond. Inclusion is the internal flaws in the diamond and blemishes is the external marks on a diamond. An valuable diamond lacks both of these features. Every diamond differ from one to another, which means no two diamonds will have the same inclusion and/or blemishes. These flaws can only be seen under 10x magnifying devices. Clarity is categorized into 6 types (Flawless, Internal Flawless, Very very slightly included, very slightly included, slightly included and Included). Can you see the flaws in these diamonds?

Carat (c.t.) is the universal metric unit of the weight of a diamond. One carat is 0.2 grams and is about the weight of a paper clip. The scale of carat is measured out of 100 points, meaning if a 25 points diamond weighs 0.25 carats. The greater the carat, the more valuable the diamond is. However, it also means the chances of more flaws, such as color, in the diamond.


Helping Others By Selling Your Designer Jewelries

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Everyone wants designer brands, it does not matter what your gender, age or race you are. Some people may be able to afford a branded jewelry when it is first release, or that limited edition design, but others may not. Some people may have to save up for a long time to buy a pair of designer jewelry. Sometimes, you forgot you have a piece of designer item, sitting at home, collecting dust. You may not wear that outdated design but someone may want the jewelry for it design or an limited edition to collect. There is always a market for lost trend branded jewelries. Here, we can buy these outdate trend and resell them to buyers who wish to own a designer jewelry for a lower price or who can not afford the the item in flagship stores. Check out the list of designer brands we buy here.

Do you have a piece jewelry that is past down from your grandparents? But you do not wear it because it is not the modern trend. Why not make money from it? Some people collect antiques as a hobby. You can help these people by selling us your antiques jewelries. Maybe we can find a better home for these pieces or someone who can better preserve these pieces that represent the culture and our history.

Need cash for gold in New York?

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If you seen one of the many cash for gold ads on TV and the radio and are thinking of getting some cold hard cash for your gold, you should think about selling your gold to a NYC gold buyer. We can handle transaction in our office or nationwide, we have been in business of refining and buying gold for the best price for over 3 decades. We are located in midtown Manhattan and are open 6 days a week. We have a friendly staff that will accommodate your needs and be there for you and greet you like a friend. You can relax while our reputable gold buyer weighs and tests your items to maximize your profits. When selling gold one has to take into account the current price of gold, the karat of the gold and also the weight.It is advised that you sort out the gold you want to cash beforehand to save some time and help us. We have been in the gold buying game for years and we are at the top of the gold buyers in NYC, when it comes to paying the most for your gold we are #1 and are rated the highest and best paying gold buyer in NYC.

Time To Shine, Sell Your Diamonds (212) 642-4345

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Diamonds are thought to be a girl’s closest friend. Aside from being fine bling-blings, diamonds can be your closest friend in times of demand. You can readily sell diamonds for cash when an emergency situation appears.
Not Just Rocks

Diamonds are regarded as one of the most precious stones there’s. Purchasing these stones is considered to be an investment to many. A whole lot of people buy either diamond jewelry or loose stones and watch for the right time to dispose of them to bring in adequate profit.

The fine thing about investing in diamonds is that their prices usually do not fluctuate and its value doesn’t depreciate. This really is sufficient reason why folks can be easily carried into investing in these precious rocks. Another thing about diamonds is that it can be easily sold in the event you need additional cash or if you have to liquidate your assets.

Exchange Stone for Cash

Due to its high value, disposing of diamonds is easy to do. A lot of people are willing to buy that precious diamond of yours and will be willing to pay for the price especially when appraised as a premium quality diamond. Naturally, should you intend to sell diamonds when you need cash, you have to understand the real value of your rocks before jumping on the gun and taking the money offered for it. This way, you are able to take great advantage of the value of your asset by getting the highest price possible for it.

Going to a reputable jeweler is one way of realizing the value of your diamond. You can have it appraised first by a professional before announcing to the whole world about your strategies to sell diamonds. A professional appraiser or jeweler has the appropriate tools of the trade and know the right approaches in appraising your diamond giving you accurate effects on its value. When you really have the results with you certified by a professional appraiser you will soon manage to commend a reasonable price for your stone when you sell it.

Where to Go

When you plan to sell diamonds, there are several places that you are able to go to. It’s possible for you to offer it to your pals first notably those you know that love to gather jewelry. For sure you will manage to discover a person interested to purchase your diamonds from your group of friends. The single drawback of this is that you might have to make do with payment payments in exchange for the diamonds because for certain your friend will request concessions because of the association that exists between the both of you.

But in case you truly need the cash right away, you can definitely go to a reputable jeweler to sell diamonds that you own. You will have the capacity to get the payment immediately and use it for whatever that needs to be done. The sole concern here is that you WOn’t have the ability to control a high price for it because they will have to make a profit out of it too.

To sell diamonds should you have some is a good way to get cash. It might be a lucrative business for some particularly people who understand their jewelry and stones well. Additionally , this is lucrative for those who have a big network of people interested in the diamonds that you sell. If you need quick cash, go and sell diamonds now.

Learn why selling a diamond to Buyers of New York is the best choice

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It’s a fact that many folks that purchase diamonds are going to be buying them eternally. There are going to be times, however, when it becomes crucial for you to sell the diamond and perhaps even the ring that was included. When this is the case, you’re going to find that there’s quite a bit of conflicting information which is accessible and that may often direct you in the incorrect way. Here are some suggestions that may help clear the air about how to efficiently sell a diamond and what you can do to make the most out of the deal.

One of the issues that may come with finding a diamond buyer is the reality they comprehend that most people are not willing to buy something which is used. That is why the price of a used diamond is so much lower than one that is new, even if it hasn’t been worn. Additionally it is a fact that you should have the ability to trust the person is buying the item from you as they’re going to be responsible for the bulk of the job that is demanded. Itis a good idea for you to shop around a little bit to find somebody that is trustworthy and that will be willing to be honest with you throughout the process.

It is also significant for you to avoid the lure to go to the nearest pawnshop and try and get a good price on the diamond. Most likely, you can get the bottom price that’s accessible and although they may have to keep it for a certain amount of time, it will quickly be gone once that time has expired. You are going to get a very low percent for the genuine value of the diamond when it really is sold through such a resource.

If you are trying to sell an engagement ring or any different kind of diamond, it’s also important for you to think about the value of the entire piece of jewelry. Going to an estate jeweler is one way for you to confirm that price however, you should also consider the value of the remainder of the jewelry instead of just the gemstone. If it is gold, you may manage to get a significant price if there’s plenty of gold that’s in the jewelry. Ensure that you check on such a possibility and after that sell the stone individually to make as much money as possible.

Eventually, you do possess the option of utilizing an online broker that can buy the diamond from you. Just make sure they are eager to give you an estimate regarding how much you are going to receive from the purchase. It’s a better idea for you to have somebody that buys the diamond outright then to try to sell it on consignment. There are a whole lot of problems which could appear when you put a diamond on consignment, including the chance of not getting any cash and getting a distinct diamond when it’s returned.

Diamond Buyers in NYC can save the day!

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sell my diamonds nycIn regards to the inquiry of how to sell diamond, one might be stupefied. There are many gold exchanges that advertise their buying services online, some even say they take up diamond jewelry. But do they actually give the actual value of such diamonds? These questions can be answered when one approaches the distinct online diamond retailers who are ready to take up diamonds as loose stones or set as jewelry from people who will willingly sell them.

Bait of Diamond Buyers Online

The lure of buyers who would like to buy your diamond from you is irresistible. Not only do they advertise to specialize completely in buying diamond from customers, they state they are going to supply cash in a matter of hours. Many feel intrigued with such statements and reviews they give. Usually individuals choose to sell diamond only when they are in dire need of cash. Since such jewelry is typically cherished, only when defects originate or the stones become loose, individuals toy with all the concept of selling them in return for ready cash. And individuals who advertise their services as diamond buyer typically land in the eyesight of such people.

Ring Values

When one is about to sell engagement ring, then one typically seek buyers who have experts on board who is able to do ring valuations. Typically engagement rings are of various fashions and come of differing price brackets. There are prong settings or band styles among engagement rings. Again, there are rings that have a bigger diamond in the middle and smaller diamonds encircling the larger diamond.

Big Number Of Rings Taken By Buyers

It is beneficial to select a buyer who’s open to taking up different styles of engagement rings. However there are registered diamond merchants who will take any form of diamond ring or free stones and supply the proper assessment service for any of them. Such buyers are blessing for the customers.

Know The Value Of Your Diamond

At the time of selling diamonds, one may have lost all certification or details that one has about the stone or the jewelry that said its value. In regards to diamonds, knowledge of the 4cs is significant. The cut, clarity, colour and carat must be understood about any diamond that one possesses. Even if one doesn’t possess the original certification, you can seek the certification of a lab for the diamonds that one possesses. Such details come of use when one is planning to sell diamond jewelry online.

FAQs for selling a diamond ring

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SELL DIAMONDS NYCWhether you want to sell your diamond ring since you don’t wear it anymore or it’s just out of style, you probably want to get as much money as possible. You most likely also have a whole lot of questions and may be unsure where to begin.

This is a very common question and the majority of people believe they can sell diamond jewelry for the appraised value, or very close to it. In fact, the point of an appraisal is to provide your jewelry a value for insurance purposes. The value is normally quite inflated and won’t represent the real price you can get by selling your jewelry. Should you want a price closer to what you’ll get, be sure to request the appraisal what they would pay for your ring if they were going to buy it.

Can I Get Close to the Purchase Price?

When you buy diamond jewelry at a jewelry store, it comes with a premium that may be as high as 60%. When you’re preparing to sell the ring, it’ll probably be worth much less than you paid. There’s not really a set percent of the purchase price you will receive as it depends on may factors, including how long ago you bought the ring, the condition and style and how much through market value you paid.

Where is the Best Spot to Sell Diamond Jewelry?

You might be overwhelmed by the kinds of places you can sell diamond jewelry now, from online auctions and pawn shops to jewelry stores and specialized diamond buyers. Not all locations can get you the best value, nevertheless. Jewelry stores and pawn shops often offer the lowest prices. Pawn shops don’t use skilled gemologists so their offer will often be low because they lack the experience and knowledge to accurately rank your diamond. Jewelry stores buy large volumes at really discounted prices so their offer will not be higher than they can pay wholesale.

This route can be tricky, however, as it’s no guarantee you’ll get the top price. Remember, prospective buyers do not know you and they’ve no reason to trust you so you’ll need to have a diamond certificate if you decide to use this choice. Be aware youwill also pay insurance if you ship the ring and auction fees after it sells.

In general, the best spot to sell diamond jewelry is with a diamond buyer certified by GIA. They are able to appraise your diamond and give you a good price.

Do I Require a Certification?

A diamond certificate, or report, includes all important info about your diamond, like its carat weight, cut, clarity as well as color, in addition to the diamond’s inclusions.

You have so many options today when you wish to sell a diamond engagement ring that it is easy to get confused or overwhelmed. Just remember that knowledge is power so learn as much as you can about your diamond ring before you sell it and get multiple offers from various sources, including pawn shops, diamond buyers and jewelry stores to ensure you get a good price.