Choosing The Right Gold Buyer

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trusted gold buyerWe are Buyers of New York. We are the largest gold buyer in the United States. Let us explain why. Gold is always considered a safe investment. People have always wanted the beauty and value of gold. Even if an item is broken, or pieces of it are missing, it is still worth money. That is because gold can be refined and new items can be made from the same metal. Gold is valued by weight. It does not matter is it is mangled, twisted or broken. The gold is valued by what it weighs per ounce and not what it looks like. This is the same reason that it is difficult to know where to sell your gold items or scrap gold.

When looking for a buyer, you can visit jewelry stores, pawn shops or even send off for a pre-paid envelope. All of these places will make you an offer. But, it will not be your best offer. The fact is, these places are in business to make money. In order for them to make money, they have to buy your gold cheaper than they can sell it. They offer you 20%-50% what it is worth, then they resell it to a buyer who can refine the gold and they make money. They did not do anything to earn the money. They took your item and sold it and kept a share of the money for it. They (especially the prepaid envelope companies) rely on the notion that you do not know the value of your gold. They are usually right. Some people will sell their gold for pennies on the dollar.

At Buyers of New York, we are the refinery. We buy the gold directly from you and give you the entire value of your gold. We cut out the middle man. The jewelers, the pawn brokers and the scrap buyers provide no service to you and do not deserve a cut of your profit. We refine the gold ourselves and it is then valued by purity and weight.

If it convenience you seek, we can serve you in person in our New York City location, online or via Federal Express. We will show you every step we take in making your offer. We check the carat of the gold and price it accordingly. Many times the markings will be missing, or the items will be old and you simply do not know the carat. We are the experts. We buy jewelry, bullion, coins, and virtually anything that contains gold. The price of gold has had a steady increase of the past several decades. But one never knows what the future brings in this market. That makes this the right time to sell. We are ready to buy.

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