Selling Your Rolex? Say No More.

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For years, Rolex has been labeled as one of the most expensive watches. Many have branded this watch as a way of feeling rich and cool. Recently, Rolex came out with the limited edition solid gold skeleton- dial Daytona also known as,” La Montoya.” This the product of the collaboration of Juan Pablo Montoya and Swiss watchmaker Artisans De Geneve. This one of a kind watch – only 42 made – took 2 years to make with improvements such as the rotor being completely manufactured in 21 carat gold and the original backing being replaced with a transparent sapphire backing. 

The price of this watch might break your heart though. It is 62 260,00 EUR; 71,453.62 USD. If you own a Rolex watch and you regret buying it, sell it through Buyers of New York. We provide loyalty and trust in selling valuables at fair rates. For more information, please visit or call us at (212)-642-4345.

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