Choosing to pawn or sell your jewelry

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PawnVsSell-300x199There may come a time in your life when you are in need of some cash for whatever the need or emergency may be. You’ve seen and heard all of those cash for gold commercials on the TV or radio. The question is if you have something better and more valuable then simple the weight scrap gold and would like it back then you can consider a pawn shop collateral loan. Choosing to get a jewelry loan has many benefits vs selling it, most of the times a reputable pawn shop will give close to the full value of your item, you get the cash you need and in 3-4 months you will get your jewelry back and pay your loan back.

But lets say you don’t have a sentimental attachment to your item, maybe you think it’s ugly, broken, from an ex or you can’t stand looking at it any more selling your jewelry to a reputable jewelry buyer will put you in the fast seat to getting cash fast with no worries of paying back a loan. Granted you will be out your item, but hey you don’t care because you had no use for it anyway.

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