10 Steps When Selling Diamonds

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1) Make it clean and sparkle2_diamond_guide

First impressions count so you should have it in tip top and clean shape, take a

few minutes an clean it before you start to shop around.

2) Learn the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s of diamonds that affect the price are cut, clarity, color and carat. Many

guides are out there and will show you what are the highest grades that impact

pricing a diamond.

3) Get it appraised

Diamonds love to be admired, the appraisal is very important and please bring it

with you when looking to sell, it can mean a higher quote, but remember the

appraisal value it not the value you get when selling a diamond.

4) Is it certified?

If you have a GIA or EGL certification that improves the value and means a

higher price, a faster quote and you can get one over the phone just by emailing

it or faxing it in.

5) Research

If you know the clarity, cut, carat and color and know that a GIA certified diamond

is worth more, next step is to research by asking around diamond forums, local

jewelers for more information on your diamond.

6) Pick a reputable diamond buyer

You should sell your diamond to someone who has a great reputation, excellent

reviews and someone you trust, so take a look online and compare local

diamond buyers in your area.

7) Be realistic

Being realistic when selling your diamond is important when selling. You aren’t

likely to get the appraised value, retailers have high overhead so they pay you

less, wholesalers like Sell-Diamonds.com will pay you more and take less

because of low overhead so its up to you to make that choice.

8) Get your questions answered

Make a list of questions you have before selling and get them answered

before selling, typical questions are “how will they pay you?” etc.

9) Negotiation

If you don’t like the price there’s a good chance you can negotiate but

if they are a reliable diamond buyer they will give you a generous

upfront price and will be little room for negotiating.

10) Don’t forget your ID

Diamond buyers by law are required to ask for identification, this

protects them and consumers from buying or selling stolen

merchandise; any reputable diamond buyer complies with these rules,

so if you don’t get asked for I.D. be cautious.


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