Need cash for gold in New York?

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If you have seen one of the many cash for gold ads on TV and/or heard the ad(s) on the radio and are thinking of getting some cold hard cash for your gold, you should think about selling your gold to an NYC gold buyer. We can handle transactions in our office or nationwide, and we have been in the business of refining and buying gold for the best price for over 3 decades. We are located in midtown Manhattan and are open 6 days a week. We have a friendly staff that will accommodate your needs and be there for you and greet you like a friend. You can relax while our reputable gold buyer weighs and tests your items to maximize your profits. When selling gold one has to take into account the current price of gold, the karat of the gold, and also the weight. It is advised that you sort out the gold you want to cash beforehand to save some time and to help us. We have been in the gold buying game for years and we are at the top of the gold buyers in NYC. When it comes to paying the most for your gold, we are #1 and are rated the highest and best paying gold buyer in NYC.

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